Arctic 8 Seasons is a Lappish incoming tour operator that offers experiences in Lapland’s unique nature to people from all over the world.

We create individual and authentic trips to Lapland that you simply cannot experience elsewhere. We are a genuine local and trustworthy supplier of northern once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Arctic 8 Seasons Travel is based on my own true experiences. I want to share the feelings I get from Lappish unique nature. The nature made me stay in Lapland.
When I was a child our family made at least 2 journeys to Lapland every year from South Finland where I was born. When I grew up I started study in Uni Lapland. Sametime I trained as a ski-instuctor and started give lessons in Lappish skiing resorts – in these days already during 20 years. Now I live with my own family by the Lappish lake Kemijärvi and enjoy every day the things that I love in Lapland.
I am called ”brought on by the train” by the locals. It means I came from other part of Finland to live in the area. And Kemijärvi where I live now is the last stop for night train from Helsinki.

I enjoy Lappish pure nature with all my senses. I can breathe the fresh air every day. Forrests, fells and waterways give a multiple opportunitys to be active in physical matters. But there is always mental affect as a bonus. It has been made several studies about forrest’s good influences to people’s health. Allready 10 minutes visit in the forrest reduces your stress levels. Lapland’s every season has it’s own highlights. Now the Wild food is the thing I am grazy about. Straight from the nearby forrests and waters – wild berries, mushrooms, herbs and of course wild fish and meat.

I am also very impressed by the local culture. Many local artists get insipiration from Lappish nature. And the history of Lappish and indigenous people called Sami people has an interesting story to tell.

I have collect these experiences under my company’s consept that best brings these feelings for our guests too. I want that our guests feel their visit unique and individual.

My company offers day programs for individual customers. And for tour operators we are a local partner who takes care of programs, transfers and accomodation with carefully selected network of partners. We tailor make programs based on customers wishes.

I warmly welcome you as our guest to Lapland!


CEO and co-owner

Arctic 8 Seasons – Travel Oy